Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. Z!

Our eldest turned 11 on Nov. 12. Always hard to believe how quickly the time passes - in the overall scheme of things -- not necessarily in the moment by moment things! LOL!. And it's always fun to think. . . When Miss A. turns 11, you will be. . . . 21! As we celebrate Mr. Z, it is a joy to see the qualities, gifts and interests God has given Him. What a leader he is! He'd lead the whole family if we allowed! He made the pies you see below and set the table with color coordinated napkins. . . . VERY self-motivating. Today he had me outside as he ran a mile, did his jumping jacks and took on the sports co-op challenge. No, I did not run along side - I merely walked. But hey. . . at least I was moving - and in 20 degree weather at that!
We are very proud of him and pray we will raise him to honor God above all else..

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