Saturday, April 9, 2011

welcoming spring


With temperatures in the 50’s today, it is beginning to feel like spring.


I even opened a few windows.

I love the fresh air smell in the house after a long winter.


The children spotted a robin in the garden yesterday.


Papa and Oma arrived home safely from Arizona.

And Grandpa and Grandma are safe and sound back at home too

after spending the winter months in Florida.


Little A now proudly sings her ABC’s.

I must get that on video.


A few of the men-folk are turkey hunting this weekend.

The others are involved in serious air-soft gun wars.

This evening brought thunder, lighting and rain.

Maybe the snow will be gone by morning.

Probably not.

But almost!

Someone reminded me today that last year we had snow fall in May!


Do I dare put away all the kids’ snow gear.

I better not or we’ll surely have more snow!


Yes, we are all excited about springtime!

Happy Saturday!

(Or as Little A says. . . “See Ya!”)

P.S.  Adorable headband courtesy of talented knitter, Cathy Iverson. 

Thank you, Cathy!!