Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holiday Gift/Treat Idea

I just received a note from my dear sister (ds?) requesting a great recipe I have for Holiday Trail Mix. She's already making gifts for the kids' teachers. Isn't she on the ball! It is a very tasty one, so I'll share it here for all to try. Thanks goes to my dh's Aunt Kathy for this oh sooo good recipe! How about you. . . A yummy holiday recipe to share?
Holiday Trail Mix
6 C Crispex Cereal
3 C Cheerios
1 C Honey Roasted Nuts
2 C Pretzels (Mr. Salty Jr. or Small Pepp.Farm Goldfish)
18oz. White Chocolate (Baking Bar or Wafers, NOT Morsels)
1 C Golden Raisins
Mix dry stuff - Melt Wafers, & pour chocolate over dry mixture and mix thoroughly. Pour on wax paper or foil. Spread on thin layer. When cool, break up & store in large sealed container.
*Make at night and break up in the morning*

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  1. I just made that same trail mix (substituting raisins for M&M's). Yum!