Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Have you ever been waiting for something? I'm sure you have. Well, this week we are waiting for a phone call. . . Been there?

My dh had an unfortunate happening in October. His position was elimated, he was told he had no job, escorted to his truck, and asked to come back that evening to pack up personal office items collected over 16 years. WHAM! It's a kick to the gut. A family of eight to provide for and no income. NONE! Fortunately, that evening a call from his boss communicated a change. . . a severance was reconsidered and he'd receive a paycheck and medical insurance for the next three months. Thank you, Lord!

Back to the waiting part. . . Last week my dh was fortunate enough to have a job interview for a position relatively close to home and in his field of work which would start December 1. He was very pleased with how the interview went and so now we are waiting for a phone call as they said they'd be making a decision this week. We know that if God shuts this door he will open another one. But, the end of severance pay will be here soon, so if it's not this job. . . then what job? He will provide. But the waiting. . . Do not worry about tomorrow . . . and the wondering. . . Do not fear, He will make the path known.

And while waiting. . . I attended a Pampered Chef party tonight. Those are such fun! Good food and fellowship. But after eating the Brownie Fudge Tirimusu Dessert and requesting "just a little bit" of that regular coffee. . . it's 10:30pm and I am WIDE awake! And again waiting. . . to simply feel sleepy!!

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