Saturday, June 30, 2012

the question of the day

It was a beautiful summer Saturday and Mr. E. tickled every simply

grand child’s ear when he stated it was a great day to head out to

the lake for some fun on the boat!

Our excitement is always tempered with the question we all ask. . .

Will the boat start?

Many o’ day, she decides it best to simply sit on the shore station

and not make a wake!

But not today. . . she turned over like a charm and purred like a kitten.

Well, not exactly.  Each time Mr. E. turned the key we held our breath, she

squeaked, groaned or was even silent for a few moments! before the purring


The moment of truth. . .


The kids were thrilled to knee board, tube or simply relax in the warm sunshine.


Another question. . . .how long do you think this fish is that J-man caught?


That’s a 31” dogfish!  You can only imagine the excitement and anticipation as

he reeled that one in!

Mr E. and two boys are night fishing now, hoping to catch trout.  The latest

word was “nothing yet”. 

But you never know what the next cast may bring in.

Happy Summer Fun,


Monday, June 18, 2012


Summer days. . .

Mom says “No screen time”.

And that’s when the whittling begins.

(I always thought it was pronounced widdling)

Screens, no. . . Knives, yes, you ask?



Pretty yellow flowers in bloom.


One ten-year-old with a bad cough and fever.


The evening baseball game was cancelled due to inclement weather.

Tornado warning south of us

My table is still piled high with books as I sort through homeschool books

and begin organizing for next year.

Latest Netflix rage for the kids. . . “Storm Chasers”.

Daddy and the three oldest returned Friday night from a very memorable

fishing trip to Canada.  It’s been so fun to hear their excitement

and laughter remembering good times.

Now it’s back to dinner for eight.  It’s 4:30pm - I guess I’d better think about it, huh?

Happy Monday,