Friday, November 26, 2010

winter or summer?


Some kids have a hard time transitioning from summer to winter.


Happy Friday in winter. . . at least in the woods of Wisconsin that is.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!



Over the river and through the woods to the cabin today we go.

Once the family picture is taken we’re all happy to be warm inside, out of the blowing cold snow.


Aunt Julie’s all set, with her master list in hand.

While helpers file in for the kitchen fun,

each are given their own part to play. . .

and make for a fine Thanksgiving feast band.


The food cannot be finer,

to feed this sixteen crew.

All leave the table well satisfied;

And thankful for bountiful blessings too.


Onward we go as presents are awaiting,

We celebrate Christmas now too!

Draw your number from the hat,

now wait your turn. . .

Go snatch someone’s gift or open one that’s new!


Time to settle in for a movie or a game,

win or lose it’s fun just the same.


Reflecting on a Happy Thanksgiving. . . 

Now may my heart and mind offer a sacrifice of praise to Him continually, no matter what challenges I face. . .

An attitude of gratitude to set my daily pace.

Happy Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving 2010!


Monday, November 22, 2010

our thespians

Some of our children have recently had the opportunity to be involved with our local high school and community theatre.

The first, a musical, was The Music Man.

The talent at the high school is spectacular.

From the acting, performing, dancing, directing and singing to the production team backstage,  I was most impressed.


I still find myself humming, “76 Trombones”, or “Madam Librarrrrrrian!”

Such happy songs!

Currently, practices have begun for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, at our local performing arts center.

christmas pageant

Z-man, C-man and H-man have joined the cast.

They are excited.

Hopefully the excitement continues (for me too) as daily practices begin next week through December 19 during this busy holiday season.

I am thankful we live close to town and have friends involved who are kind enough to  help shuttle the kids.

I’m thankful for these opportunities which may push their comfort zones, give them a boost of self-confidence and diminish their “screen time”.

Break a leg, boys!

Happy Monday of Thanksgiving week!


Friday, November 12, 2010


I'll always remember 13 years ago tonight. . .

Giving birth to our firstborn, a son.

Is there anything that rocks your world as much as your first child?

My mom and I laugh how she ironed, yes ironed, his newborn clothes.

We were so proud. 

All the firsts are soooo huge with your firstborn, aren't they?

I can still remember. . .

our first church service with him,

our first dinner at a restaurant with him,

our first Christmas,

daddy cutting his nails for the first time, IMMEDIATELY upon our arrival home from the hospital,

our first long distance trip.

Thirteen years ago?  How can that be?

I am clearly seeing the reality of what many moms who have gone before me say:   "Don't blink!  They'll be grown before you know it."

Z-man had a rather unforgettable 13th birthday week.

He harvested a 6 point buck with his new bow!


He skinned and quartered it and we ate the tenderloins for his birthday dinner this evening.

The birthday blast continued in true boyish fashion. . .Nerf gun wars!

I have a feeling that 10 years from now, Little A may choose a slightly different

form of entertainment for her 13th birthday celebration.  You think?

Z-man, we love you more than words can say.

We are as proud today as we were 13 years ago.

You will continue to lead the pack with many firsts.

We will continue to love you, "No matter what".

We look forward to seeing your relationship with God continue to grow and pray you will seek Him, love Him and serve Him in your many paths which lie ahead.

Our industrious, organized, smart, focused, fun-loving 13-year old son. . .

Happy, Happy Birthday! And may God give you many, many more!

Love Always,

Dad and Mom

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the forecast

Since the weather forecast for tomorrow includes possible snow showers. . .

(what?  snow already? yep, this will actually be our second view of the white flurries for the season!)

I was happy to meet up with Jaci this afternoon and take her requested cross-country



She's a beautiful girl, sister in Christ, friend of our family and (we cannot believe) heading to college next fall.

This season Jaci successfully ran her fastest race time of her cross-country career.

What a grand finale!

I know she'll be tackling the upcoming college forecast of changes and challenges with God's grace, wisdom and a smile on her face.

Blessings, Jaci!

Happy Wednesday!