Friday, November 12, 2010


I'll always remember 13 years ago tonight. . .

Giving birth to our firstborn, a son.

Is there anything that rocks your world as much as your first child?

My mom and I laugh how she ironed, yes ironed, his newborn clothes.

We were so proud. 

All the firsts are soooo huge with your firstborn, aren't they?

I can still remember. . .

our first church service with him,

our first dinner at a restaurant with him,

our first Christmas,

daddy cutting his nails for the first time, IMMEDIATELY upon our arrival home from the hospital,

our first long distance trip.

Thirteen years ago?  How can that be?

I am clearly seeing the reality of what many moms who have gone before me say:   "Don't blink!  They'll be grown before you know it."

Z-man had a rather unforgettable 13th birthday week.

He harvested a 6 point buck with his new bow!


He skinned and quartered it and we ate the tenderloins for his birthday dinner this evening.

The birthday blast continued in true boyish fashion. . .Nerf gun wars!

I have a feeling that 10 years from now, Little A may choose a slightly different

form of entertainment for her 13th birthday celebration.  You think?

Z-man, we love you more than words can say.

We are as proud today as we were 13 years ago.

You will continue to lead the pack with many firsts.

We will continue to love you, "No matter what".

We look forward to seeing your relationship with God continue to grow and pray you will seek Him, love Him and serve Him in your many paths which lie ahead.

Our industrious, organized, smart, focused, fun-loving 13-year old son. . .

Happy, Happy Birthday! And may God give you many, many more!

Love Always,

Dad and Mom

Happy Friday!


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  1. Just found another reason why I like your mom so much! We fellow ironers need to stick together! ;-)

    And she's totally right.....don't blink!

    Happy birthday AND congrats on the buck!

    Tammy ~@~