Monday, November 22, 2010

our thespians

Some of our children have recently had the opportunity to be involved with our local high school and community theatre.

The first, a musical, was The Music Man.

The talent at the high school is spectacular.

From the acting, performing, dancing, directing and singing to the production team backstage,  I was most impressed.


I still find myself humming, “76 Trombones”, or “Madam Librarrrrrrian!”

Such happy songs!

Currently, practices have begun for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, at our local performing arts center.

christmas pageant

Z-man, C-man and H-man have joined the cast.

They are excited.

Hopefully the excitement continues (for me too) as daily practices begin next week through December 19 during this busy holiday season.

I am thankful we live close to town and have friends involved who are kind enough to  help shuttle the kids.

I’m thankful for these opportunities which may push their comfort zones, give them a boost of self-confidence and diminish their “screen time”.

Break a leg, boys!

Happy Monday of Thanksgiving week!


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  1. Oh good!
    Im the stage manager for the best christmas pageant!
    Looks like i will get to see you guys a lot : )