Friday, January 9, 2009

Show and Tell Friday

Kelly over at NoPlaceLikeHome is hosting "Show and Tell Friday". I'm joining the fun today and showing a favorite piece of pottery. This is a MA Hadley pitcher I received from my mom at one of my bridal showers. Growing up, my mom had one and I loved it because when you get to the bottom it says. . .

"The End" . . . I just always got a kick out of that as a kid. And now, it's one of those childhood warm fuzzy things. The boys will probably not care much but maybe Miss A will enjoy my love for dishes one day too.

Happy Friday!



  1. The boys may not have your love of pottery, but I bet it will still be a "warm fuzzy" for them as they remember using it when they were growing up. "THE END"

  2. That's really cute! A fun memory for sure and now one you can share with your children. :)

  3. This is so sweet and funny! I love the memories you have of it with your mom. And now you can pass on those happy feelings with your little ones:)

    So neat-- thanks for sharing!

    Linda C

  4. I love MA Hadley pottery, with all of the different farm animals. Its just delightful, and so sweet that you have special childhood memories attached to this fun pitcher. I can see it filled with flowers in the summer. :-)

  5. Oh I just love that---how cute that it says the end...LOL---it really is lovely---and I agree with Belinda, flowers would loook lovely in it too!