Saturday, February 28, 2009


It's Saturday so that means. . . . swimming lessons. . . Yippeee!!

Their excitement is contagious, isn't it?

Then I looked DOWN. . . L O V E L Y.
A fall pedicure gone bad!
These tootsies are usually covered up!

Then I looked UP. . . What a beautiful flag, huh?
And what a great reminder to be thankful for the freedoms we've been given in our land of the free and the brave.
And thankful for the men and women who have faught and are fighting today to sustain that freedom.

I am also thankful for the Christian, Godly principles upon which our country was founded.
In God We Trust. . . may America never be ashamed to proclaim this founding truth.
MSNBC is taking your vote at their website.
Go to MSNBC HERE and place your vote.


  1. I loved it. They did look cold, tho. I voted. Did you see the large percentage of those that voted yes?

  2. Ohhhh, that first picture immediately reminded me of our early swimming pool lesson days. It was always FREEZING! Let's just say I didn't like that part much...and it looks that hasn't changed at all!

    Tammy ~@~