Monday, February 2, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Monday, February 2, 2009

Outside my window...the sun is shining and it's 18 degrees. Not bad.

I am thinking... I need to get the cleaning & laundry done that I didn't get to this weekend.

I am thankful health.

From the learning rooms...we had a library run this morning for some new books.

From the kitchen...It's AWANA night and that often means eggs and hashbrowns for dinner.

I am wearing...a white turtleneck and black sport pants.

I am creating...a meal plan for the week.

I am take a walk this afternoon.

I am reading...the Duggar family biography - "Twenty and Counting"

I am hoping...I can clean the cluttered kitchen bar area tonight.

I am hearing...Mr. Z whistling a Christmas Song :)

Around the house...It's pretty quiet as two are sleeping and the rest are reading or getting ready for AWANA.

One of my favorite going out to eat for breakfast.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Homeschool co-op, sports club, swimming lessons and the usual household chores and happenings.

Here is picture thought I am sharing. . .

Look who got into mommy's lipstick yesterday!!!!
Anyone have suggestions as to how to get lipstick out of carpet?

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Happy Monday!



  1. Aw... I almost thought she got into finger paint... but mommy's lipstick is SO much more fun! I am hosting a giveaway, so make sure you stop by! Enjoy AWANA and be blessed!

  2. I am so glad I found you! How wonderful that you are blogging. I feel like I can keep up with the whole family and your lives and still be down here... Love hearing about your days. I haven't had time to look back to see when you began blogging but way to go!
    love you all!

  3. I thought I would pass on these two blogs to you that I follow, Jennifer is in the cities and Christi is in IN. Hope you enjoy! I know how much you enjoy photography and they both do some wonderful shots. Especially of kids.
    They both do photography as an art and as work...

    and then this one... interesting life story..
    til later and til I see you in the North.. hopefully I will be home soon..

  4. the lipstick is hilarious! i love it! that's one you can show at their wedding! lol

  5. Thanks for sharing your Daybook! The picture of your toddler with lipstick is a riot!

    Cheers from Nebraska! :)

  6. Good luck with that lipstick...urgh!

    It was around 30 degrees in Ohio on Sunday. I went on a hike with the kids and ended up taking my coat off because I got so hot. How weird that I was actually hot when it was 30 degrees out. :)