Thursday, February 19, 2009


It always surprises me how a sunshiny day can boost ones spirits.

It's not even that I was feeling "down" but the brightness outside simply puts a skip in my step.

Today was one of those bright days.

After a little schoolwork. . .

(Miss polka-dot has to grab a pencil and a school book. . . just like everyone else!)

It was time to play outside.

The beautiful sunshine was a bit deceitful though.

Only 18 degrees today.

Then after a co-op basketball game and a few errands, my little baker (Mr. J) made some

delicious banana crumb muffins. (Guess I buy too many bananas, huh?)

(Kelli's picture from "No place like home")

I found the recipe over at "No Place Like Home". You can go to Kelli's post HERE to check out her scrumptious muffin recipe.

I hope you had some brightness in your day too.

Happy Thursday,


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  1. Wonderful pictures of your children! I'm glad the muffins were a hit...I'm going to have to make some more. :0)