Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday

We're celebrating a birthday today,

Turning 5 is Mr. A!

A yearly highlight is making his own cake,

that charming smile certainly is not fake.

Always ready to play with "the brothers",

Just make sure he's tucked in by mother!

Proud as can be that he's learning to swim

and each Saturday morning it's just Daddy and him!

His frequent "I Love You" never grows old,

couldn't be prouder God placed him in our fold!

Thanking God for blessing us with our 5 year old son,



  1. Awww - precious post. The photos and the poem are perfect!

    Happy Birthday to Mr. A!!

  2. Wow, it's hard to believe he's five already! Seems like yesterday he was born....

    Tammy ~@~