Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Little Fun!

(This post inspired by my very funny and creative friends over at I HEART FACES)

Hi Honey, I’m glad you came to read our blog today.  Remember our fun family photo shoot last summer?IMG_6854

Remember how you wondered where all your hair went?  And if you were reeeeally that bald?!

And remember “back when”, when you had that Manchu mustache?. . .

And you know how you’re the King and I’m the Queen in our house?. . .

And you know how I keep tellin’ ya how I love to edit photos? Well. . .

LOOK what I can do now with my awesome photo editing skills!!!


Happy April Fools Day to you. . .the King . (I just crack myself up, don’t I? hehe)

With Love,

From Your Queen


P.S. Isn’t it interesting what your wife and kids do while you are hard at work during the day?


  1. What a dashing fellow with that luscious dark hair and rugged Manchu moustache! Do you have a stick ready to beat the ladies away?

  2. Aren't you so glad that you've sharpened your photoshopping skills Heather?! Without them, you'd never been able to fix up this photo so beautifully! What a blessing to your family. ;)

    So funny!

    co-founder of iHeartFaces

  3. You're one lucky Queen!! He's a doll!

  4. This is hilarious, Heather! What a great post... hope your hubby liked it!:o) Yes, it's amazing what we do during the day when they're hard at work! hee hee!

  5. L loved it! What's it like to be a queen? You really made me smile.