Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Me and the radio

The last few days I’ve spent over 11 hours driving in the car.

I usually bring a book on CD or a good sermon series for my listening pleasure.

But this time. . .I forgot.

So it was me and the radio.  And here’s what made an impression. . .

Most played country music song. . . .Kiss a Girl by Keith Urban.

Most talked about news story. . . the swine flu.

Why are we not restricting travel between Mexico and the U.S. such as other

countries are doing?

Will illegal aliens in Mexico will be diverting to the U.S. seeking free health care

and infecting citizens at the same time?

Most surprising and disheartening news story. . . Obama speaks at Georgetown University.

But ONLY after stating he will only speak if the Christian symbols which would show behind

him at the podium are COVERED UP.  Unfortunately, Georgetown buckled and painted a piece

of plywood black to cover up the monogram IHS, which stands for Jesus.  Remember,

Georgetown is a PRIVATE University.  Our President is controlling religious symbols in a

PRIVATE forum.

HERE'S the story if you care to read it. 

And no, I do not agree or even believe the White House statement

that this request was simply to “create a proper setting” for the President’s speech. 

And no, this has NOT been a standard request by former U.S. Presidents.

Does this sound just a little “end-timesish” to you? 


OK, I’ll get off my little political stepstool and get back to editing photos. 

Then my blood pressure can return to normal.




  1. Obama, that name makes my blood curtle for more reasons the one. Do I welcome the end times? I know I should but...

  2. I have a hard time even listening to the news anymore...it's bad for my health!! :) Ugh...