Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday!


I am definitely NOT elated that the temperature is 70 degrees today!

I did NOT excitedly welcome three tired chicks back to the nest last night after they had experienced a fun week away with family last week. 

It’s simply amazing how all the children did NOT forget to do their chores this morning and have NOT argued one little bit since getting back into the regular routine of responsibilities.  And it’s been delightful to NOT hear any tattling today either!  If only you could just be here to experience it with me!!


Last night as I was cleaning up the kitchen I did NOT eat the last four oreo snacks my mom gave the kids to enjoy.

No way, NOT me!!

They are definitely NOT so tasty and do NOT “go down” easy at all with a glass of milk! 

And isn’t it wonderful that it’s Monday and I do NOT have any questions in my mind as to what we’ll be eating this week now that I’m back to feeding eight again?!

This has definitely NOT been a fun, sarcastic post to write today!!

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Happy Monday!




  1. Love your Not Me's!

    Ummmm.... Oreo Fun Stix? I did not know such a thing existed. Think I'm going to have to make a special trip to the store today! Yum!


  2. Oh, such a cute "not me" I didn't get it at first. I thought, oh great, they did great with their re-adjustment.

  3. And I am NOT laughing over your fun humor Heather! :)