Tuesday, July 21, 2009

happy 40th!


Our vacation began with a celebration.

My sister’s 40th birthday.

We were going to surprise her at their family cottage but decided to let her know we were coming.

Good thing. . .

She planned all the meals!

She even made Huckleberry Buckle and a delicious chocolate cake!









My sister and I had a total of 9 kids in 10 years!

Only 1 is still in diapers. 

We’re movin’ forward!











Their cottage has a bunk house where the older boys slept.

And it has this really cool outdoor shower!!














They have a Portuguese Water Dog named “Marco”.

He is the easiest dog I’ve ever been around. . .doesn’t bark, doesn’t shed, doesn’t jump.

But sorry guys, I’m still not ready to add a dog to our family.

I know, I know, I’m just NO FUN AT ALL!!












We all gave my sister charms for her new Chamilia bracelet. 

Check it out. . .they are so personal.  I love it.

Guess what’s next on my wish list. ;)









My sister is now visiting by me. . . and helping me with a garage sale.

What a great sister, huh?  Wonderful in many ways.

Birthday Blessings . . .  40 looks maaavelous on you!407







Happy Tuesday in July everybody!



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  1. What a sweet post Heather! I just love the pic of all those kids and Charlies face is SO funny. 40 does look marvelous on your sister :)
    SO, when is the garage sale LOL