Monday, September 7, 2009

Birthday Boy!

This one’s for you Mr. H. . . :)

Another birthday in our household.

To a fine young man who was born 8 years ago.


He was born 2 years after the twins.

And after having two babies(#2 & #3) at once. . .

number four seemed like a breeze!

Plus. . .he was so happy!


And (most of the time) he still is a very happy guy!

We love your sparkling eye, wide grin smile.



We see in you. . .

  • a sensitive spirit
  • a love for God
  • a love for friends and family
  • a competitive sportsman
  • a smart and “thinking” mind
  • a good lookin’ face. . . like daddy :)
  • a desire to do what is right
  • a broken heart when you’ve done wrong
  • a heart of contentment

May this always be true of you.


We love you more than words can say.

We look forward to another year of watching you grow and mature. . .

becoming more and more the one and only. . .YOU!

Happy Birthday!

Dad and Mom

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  1. That was so great. Doesn't he look like "Happy Mr H." ? I loved how you described
    him. It's so true.