Tuesday, September 1, 2009

sayin’ good-bye. . .


(photo by Julie)

Wonder what they were thinkin’ while sittin’ on the dock?

We’ve been sayin’ good-bye to the lazy days of summer.

School has started.

The air is cooler.  (34 degrees this morning!)

Archery practice has begun.

Football season has started.

Oh, it’s hard to see these go. . .

flipflops But hey, it’s only September 1st!

We still may have some warm days ahead.

. . . Oh, I do hope so.

No matter what, throughout the seasons

we can always say. . .

lifeisgood Or better yet, God is good. . . all the time.

Happy Tuesday,



  1. Right there with you on all of it, Heather!

    Looks to be a very pleasant week of weather as we start back to school :-)

    Tammy ~@~

  2. Oh my, you sure do make me smile. You were up and going VERY early this morning. Hopefully we can take advantage of the beautiful weather this week--whatever that means.