Friday, October 30, 2009

Simply Grand, Reading Rendezvous


If kids are entertained by two letters,

imagine the fun they'll have with twenty-six

Open your child's imagination

Open a book.  ~Author Unknown


Our author this week is Deborah Hopkinson. She has written several picture books based on a historical event or person.

The following is an excerpt of an interview with Deborah Hopkinson from a blog entitled In the Pages:

 dh5What has been one of your favorite books to write?

ABE LINCOLN CROSSES A CREEK, which was recently named an ALA Notable, was so much fun to write. My editor, Anne Schwartz, did a fantastic job of helping me envision this story as a collaboration between author and illustrator.

Where is your favorite spot to write?

Well, although I do have an office in my home, I have to admit my favorite spot to write is sitting on my bed with my laptop and a portable ironing board – which is where I am at this very moment.

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

As a girl I loved to read. I think I wanted to be a writer from the time I was in fourth grade. But I wasn’t exactly sure how to go about that. When my daughter was born and we began reading picture books, I realized that picture books were short enough for a busy working mom to try. And so I’ve been writing ever since. I have also worked full time during my writing career and am now vice president for college advancement for the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

We really enjoyed learning new facts from history.  Here is an excerpt from Sky Boys, How They Built the Empire State Building:

May 1, 1931:  opening day.  Finished in record time! 

Sixty thousand tons of steel,

ten million bricks,

two thousand tons of marble,

sixty-five hundred windows,

seventy miles of water pipes,

eighteen hundred and sixty stairs. 

One year and forty-five days,

seven million man-hours,

more than three thousand men—

a triumph of speed, safety, and efficiency, and something else, too:  beauty.”



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Happy Reading!

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