Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Simple Truth

It was a comment I heard this evening.

It's the simple truth.

I need to remember. . .

They aren't going to "catch it".  You have to teach them.


Teach them to pray.

Teach them to be respectful.

Teach them to be thankful.

Teach them to be kind.

Teach them to seek Him with all their heart, soul & mind.

And teach them over and over and over.

I remember as a new mom of a toddler thinking,

"We've gone over these rules before.  Why do I continually need to teach you the same thing?"

And yet as His child I continually need His Word, His guidance, His patient voice leading me, teaching me over & over & over. . . .  many of the same truths.

I long to be as patient with them as He is with me.

Happy Tuesday,



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  1. Yes, you need to teach them the important things. The things they "catch" are usually the things we'd rather they didn't repeat or model in their lives...

    Tammy ~@~