Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Highs and lows


I had a few moments in the car today as I made a run to the library.

I enjoyed listening to Anita Lustrea from Midday Connection on our Christian radio station.

Today she had people sharing about their highs and lows for the day. . .

  • "It’s Open Forum on Midday Connection and we’re going to take a look at a spiritual   practice called The Examen. We want you to answer this question: "What’s the high point and low point of your day?" What has been the most life giving or life draining moment so far in your day? If we pay attention, this is often where we see the work of God."

It was interesting to hear how in a given day we all have something that brings a smile to our faces. . .  and at the same time we have something going on in life which causes a more negative emotion.

Anita had a great suggestion.  She has been journaling with her son every night for the last few years on both her high and low for the day and his high and low for the day. 

Wouldn't that be fun to look back upon? 

To fondly remember the highs and see how God's hand has brought you through the lows.

How 'bout today?

Hmmm. . .   My highs would be the sunshine outside and the quiet alone time I was able to have today.

Lows?  Two of the boys have mysterious bug bites which left the Dr. wondering and mommy trying not to panic.  Fleas?  Bed bugs?  Ticks?  Yikes! Suddenly I'm starting to itch all over!

Happy Wednesday!


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