Friday, May 21, 2010

Angels in a Mustang

They stop on by with a gift in hand,

Linda's famous chicken noodle soup-

the BEST in all the land!

Ed and Linda bless many with God's love and care,

and they are prayer warriors from the heart;

Friends like this are rare.

Can you believe, these two are grandparents great?

I hope I'm this hip at 70 and sittin' next to my mate!


Thanks for blessing Mr. E. with his favorite birthday meal, Linda! 

You're our angels in a Mustang!

It's number 46 for my handsome husband today. . .

I'm thankful for him and our special family.

He's a cat lovin', deer huntin', trap line runnin', fish reelin', fun lovin', husband o' mine!


Happy Friday!


1 comment:

  1. What a loving tribute! You are a blessed woman and you know it.
    Wow - those dead animals are impressive! My hubby's a hunter too. Bet you guys eat well.:)
    It's always refreshing to stop by your blog -
    Catch ya later!