Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Do

I do. . .love this summertime season and break from our daily home school responsibilities.

I do. . .love family vacations and the freedom from my daily mealtime duties.

I do. . .love watching my kids play in the sunshine and water.

I do. . .love fans & air conditioning (especially since these hot flashes have descended upon me!)

I do. . .love eating freshly picked blueberries! (72 pounds we picked last week!)

I do. . .love relaxing in the hammock in the backyard.

I do. . .love looking at the freshly cut flowers my neighbor graciously gave us.

I do. . .love having my sister and kids visiting this month.

I do. . .love the garden my husband has once again planted (and the 50 tomato plants!).

I do. . .(hope) I love to can jars of tomatoes!

I do. . .love traditional family time and fun at “the cottage” in Holland, Michigan.

I do. . .love a beautiful summer wedding.

On July 4th we watched my husband’s cousin, Marva, say “I do” in a lovely outdoor ceremony.  Everything from the wedding party,the reception “mansion”, to the flowers. . . was Beautiful!


Congratulations John and Marva!

We know you are having a grand time honeymooning in Thailand!

May God bless you with a long and happy life together as husband and wife.

Happy Tuesday in July,


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  1. WHAT are we going to do with that husband of yours who loves to plant so many tomato plants?!?!? It could be a banner year for them with this weather! Yikes! And Heather, you are much too young for those hot flash occurrences....it does make it hard to tell if the weather is hot, you're hot, or both :-p~

    Enjoy the days!

    Tammy ~@~