Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Five boys.

I'm trying to train five boys to be young gentlemen.

Yes, we live in the woods but please boys. . .

Let your behavior not portray that you were perhaps

raised by a pack of wolves! (That line's for you, Jane!)

No elbows on the table; No slurping; Please get a kleenex;

That piece of meat is WAY to big for our mouth; No toilet

talk; Wash your hands; Put your glass at 12:00; Do not

lick your plate; You need to ask to be excused;  Bring your

plate to the sink. . .

Now we have two boys in the house who continually use

their shirt collar in place of a napkin.

It drives. me. crazy.


I know these bad habits will dissipate as the years go by (please!)

but for now I will have to remind them, each time they're caught,

to NOT wipe their face with their shirt! PLEASE!!


Happy Wednesday!. . . Happy Training!


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  1. BTDT with five sons and wish you success, Heather! (And I won't say which one of those manners they never seem to learn......)

    Tammy ~@~