Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Z-man competed in his first official 5K race yesterday.

He was very excited to do this and was happy with how he ran.


The rain held off as well as this extreme heat wave we are now experiencing.

Next year I would like to participate in the race. . .except I’ll be walking, not running.



Last Tuesday I had a fun afternoon of taking pictures with my friend, Kathy.

This is my favorite. . .


The catch lights in her eyes are just what I am looking for.  The sun was shining toward her but she was shaded enough to not be squinting or have shadows on her face.


Mr. A lost his second tooth last week. . .and swallowed it!


One afternoon I noticed that I’d been running around with only one earing.  Did the other one fall off I wondered?  I sure hoped not. . .it was a nice pair which Mr. E. bought after I had my ears pierced at age 40.  I was relieved to see the other earing was sitting on my bathroom counter.  I evidently was racing around in the morning, got distracted and never put the other one on!

I only have three kids home this week. 

So I hope to make it a productive one around here.

Sunday Blessings,


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