Tuesday, April 10, 2012


After a beautiful spring with temps in the high 70’s already,

we had the inevitable chilly, 32 degree day with snow flurries.

I miss the bright sunshine we had been experiencing.

I wonder what effect this weather will have on the new tree buds

and the green leaves of daffodil bulbs which have made their way

above ground already.

It’s been a little over a month since our big leap day snowstorm which dumped 20

inches.  The kids had a ball in the deep snow that day!

After snowshoeing they built a small campfire in the middle of the front yard.

Mr. A enjoyed the view long after the others had shuffled inside.


Speaking of Mr. A. . .He turned 8 last month!


He was very proud to turn 8.

When Oma called that day, Mr. A answered the phone and said, “Hi, I’m eight!”

He told me recently that his best friend is Jesus.

He is always the first to say “This meal was delicious! Thank you, Mom.” (Big brownie points here!)

He and Little A are quite the team often spending their days playing with one another.


I went on a walk with these two today.

Little A was quite proud to be using her scooter outside of the driveway.

Mr. A picked up on her excitement, looked at me with a broad grin and quietly said,

“She’s having a blast!”

Happy Tuesday!


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