Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday favorites

A favorite little kitty. . .

We have the cutest little kittens!

A male and female were born March 8 to Queen Lucy and King Geronimo.


It looks like both brother and sister will be going to the same home

in Sheboygan, Wisconsin!


A favorite surprise. . .

We also have a special neighbor who had a birthday this week.

We surprised her with a little something on her garage door. . .


Fridays are my favorite.

Finishing up school work and knowing the weekend is before us.

C-man is in a basketball tournament and Mr. E. will be at hazardous

waste classes.

Me?  Organizing kids clothes and the storage closet downstairs.

I guess it’s time to put those Christmas decorations back into storage boxes, huh?

I’ve been procrastinating, can you tell?


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