Saturday, December 20, 2008

Back Door Blessings

Our neighbors stopped by last night with gifts in hand. We have a very talented quilter who lives next door and we love to see her creations. This time the kids were the recipients of her labors of love. . . Beautiful pillowcases, with monogramming and each with fabric depicting a sport which each child enjoys!

She does such nice work. They are seamless and wash up beautifully.

Best part is. . . They work like a charm!! (Yes, Mr. A really is sleeping!)

Happy Saturday!



  1. What a wonderful gift for each one of your kids! :-) Is she close enough to be my neighbor? *wink* LOL!

    Tammy ~@~

  2. Isn't she so very very thoughtful. Talented too.
    I bet the kids were so pleased. They love those
    special things for sleeping. We need to take a class for just anything from her. Maybe she could give me a class for the sewing impared.

  3. Isn't she one of the most thoughtful people? Won't she make a GREAT grandma?

  4. How adorable is that last photo! I love the beautiful quilts!

  5. What a beautiful, useful gift for your children to be given. You have such a thoughtful neighbor!