Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Own Spot

You've heard it said "Everyone needs their own spot". . . Well, I think I've found mine. This Christmas I received a devotional which I'm really excited about. Here it is . . Moments with the Savior by Ken Gire.

Although it sounds wonderful to wake up and have my devotion time while all is still quiet in the house, it seems I am always too late and the interruptions become way too distracting. And if I simply disappear during the day. . . you know a secret, silent, solitary moment. . . The kids think I'm playing hide and seek! Because in 20 seconds. . . Ready or not here we come! . . .They have all found me! So, today I tried another manuever . . .and hence found my own spot. Guess where?

Yep, the bathroom! I made an announcement -- I'm heading to the bathroom . . . I'll be back in 10-15 minutes! I yell this for all to hear, ask an older one to watch little Miss A., head to my bathroom where they all know mom needs her privacy, lock the door, and what do you know? It worked! I brought this lovely little chair into my lovely little bathroom and there was silence. I LOVE silence. And my time with the Lord always spurs me on to live for Him and behave more like He wants me to. So there it is for all to see. . . my own little corner! :)

Hope it was a Happy Tuesday!

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  1. We moms have to be creative if we want to find quiet time with the Lord, don't we? Good for you for making the time to do this.