Sunday, January 4, 2009

Puzzle Time!

I've spent the weekend taking down Christmas decorations, organizing "stuff" and trying to prepare myself for school and the weekly routine to begin again on Monday. It always feels good to get everything back in its place but what a chore, huh? And since it's January and the dead of winter in our neck of the woods, it's a great time to set up the puzzle table. Here's a look at the first one we put together last night. . .

It's a picture! My mom had this made at Walgreen's. Isn't this a great gift idea? Maybe with a favorite Christmas photo.

Our next puzzle is 1000 pieces. . . it'll take a bit longer!
Happy Sunday!


  1. What an awesome gift to be given! I love it.

    (I'm so very jealous that all of your Christmas stuff is put away though. I haven't even started yet...)

  2. I love it! How's the 1000 piece one going?