Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Treasured Gift

I was looking back at Christmas photo memories . . . (didn't take many due to the flu bug goin' around). . . and one very special gift stood out. . . that from my 10 year old nephew. My husband lost his job last October and the prayers of many have carried us to this point where we look forward to a new job beginning next week. One of our prayer warriors was my nephew, Jim. On Christmas Eve he presented our family with a gift that he had made. He said he wanted to encourage us during a difficult time and that he read through the Psalms for scripture that would specifically lift us up! We were blessed beyond words. He made us this card with the scriptures he chose. . .

I know the Lord is blessed when we encourage one another, and at 10 years old I think my nephew get's it!

Making a Christmas collage with Picasa 3:
Happy Thursday!

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  1. What a beautiful gift ~ your husband must have been very touched!