Saturday, March 21, 2009

19 months!

I realized little miss A is 19 months old today!

Time for a bright spring dress.

And how ‘bout mommy take a few pictures. . . .stand right here, look at mommy and smile . . . peeeeek a boooo . . cheeeeese. . . . pleeeeeease???

(this is what I get. . . she deliberately did not look at me!. . . a very non-cooperative 19 month old!)


I was able to snatch a few while she was continually on the move!


But this mommy didn’t just fall off a turnip truck. . . no, no, no. . . this mommy had a plan.  Wait till bath time & crib time. . . then I’ll get ‘ya!


You can’t run away from me now. . . gottcha!

Happy Saturday!



  1. She's a cutie!!!

    My Jett does the same thing. I say CHEEEEEEESE as silly as I can and he looks away....UGH! And forget about trying to get a good pic of the 4 of them together!!! LOL

    Your big family is an inspiration!!! We have 4 now and welcome more!


  2. Wow, I am amazed at your blogging skill. I just can't seem to get it together here. Great pictures and collages of little A.

  3. She is just so delightfully cute! I absolutely love the photo of her refusing to look at the camera. :)