Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rainy Day Ideas

Today has been another spring break day for our homeschool.  The temps suddenly dropped into the 20’s and we woke up to a snow covered landscape.

The kids spent most of the morning listening to the Jonathan Park audio series.  They really enjoyed it.


You can check it out on Amazon HERE.

The product description from Amazon:

Product Description
The Jonathan Park Radio Drama is a unique audio series that became an instant hit on Christian radio with the release of the show’s first twelve episodes. Each fast-paced, half-hour episode gives families an example of how their Christian worldview plays itself out in everyday life. Though the stories are fictitious, the creation data presented in each broadcast is based on real research gathered from creation scientists worldwide, and the settings for the stories are based on actual geographic locations. Featured on more than 750 radio outlets around the world, Jonathan Park presents creation science in an engaging story format that the whole family can enjoy.

Volume I: The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins features the first twelve episodes that launched the Jonathan Park Radio Drama (4 CDs). Meet the Park and Brenan families along with the Eagle’s Nest Gang as they uncover the secrets of the hidden cave and embark upon a journey of discovery that forever alters the course of their lives.

Each album comes packaged with a free 64-pages Study Guide that features fun facts, trivia and Bible studies on each of the twelve exciting episodes.

We only have Volume 1 but the kids are already requesting the others.

They have also had fun playing Doodle Dice.


You can check that out at Amazon HERE too.

Just a few fun ideas for upcoming spring rainy days.


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