Monday, April 20, 2009

Simple Woman’s Daybook – April 20, 2009


FOR TODAY Monday, April 20, 2009

Outside my has been in the 30’s and snowing all day.

I am thinking...about flower girl dresses for Miss A.

I am thankful . . . that my kids are now old enough to help out with chores around the house.

From the learning rooms...three children are working on biographical reports.

From the kitchen...I’ll be making a big pot of chili tomorrow.

I am pants and a white turtelneck.

I am creating...bridal shower invitations.

I am bed soon.  (yes, this is another “nightbook”)

I am reading...”my charming kids” blog and praying for Stellan who will have heart surgery tomorrow.

I am hoping...I don’t get this cold virus which is traveling around the house.

I am hearing...the SciFi channel playing rather loudly in the background. . . my husband’s favorite!

Around the house...the young’ins are asleep and I have a kitchen to tidy up.

One of my favorite a Sunday afternoon nap, which I had yesterday.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Two doctor apts., one basketball game, two homeschool co-op groups and a trapping class for Dad and the boys.

Here is picture thought I am sharing (taken today)...

As they say. . . April showers bring May flowers.  Would that include SNOW showers?  Hope so.


Peggy Hostetler hosts this weekly daybook.  Visit her blog HERE.

Hope your Monday had a touch of marvelous among the mundane. :)



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  1. I cannot believe you all had snow again Heather! That's just awful. Blech!

    I told Tammy that I'd pray for 80 degree temps for all you. Of course, then you'll just have a big muddy mess to deal with though.

    Hopefully this will all pass soon!