Thursday, May 14, 2009

Schoolhouse Rock!

We have friends visiting today!

The kids were very excited to have their friends do school with them!

Between giggles and chatting, some work did get done. . . I think.


I took a quick laundry break.  And when I returned?


Schoolbooks had been replaced with notebooks of trading cards!  Lots of them!

Trades were made. . . and sealed with a handshake!


But then I noticed the girls. . . the cards did not distract them one bit! 

I’ve never seen a student stay so focused?  Is it a girl thing?


The noon bell just rang.

It’s time to get lunch ready.

Then we’ll have some quiet reading time (am I dreamin’?)

and then sports club.

That’s our schoolhouse rock report for the day!

Happy Thursday!



  1. Look at her plugging right along with her work. What a cutie!

    Loved hearing that your boys are into baseball cards too. My oldest son loves them!

  2. What a great looking day!! Thanks for having them!! You are a blessing to me!!

  3. My daughter has those same exact striped pants! Okay, that wasn't all I got out of this post, but once I saw it, I had to mention it! :)