Monday, September 14, 2009

cool cats

(This is for you, Mom). . .

Listen while you look. .

Do you remember “Pink Cadillac”?

Grandpa has always had an affinity for classic cars.

Grandma?  Not as much.

UNTIL. . . She laid her eyes on this beauty!


“Now that classic car would be fun to own”, she commented.

And that was all Grandpa needed to hear.

Done deal! 

The 1958 Pink Cadillac is SOLD to the happy couple celebrating 46 years next month!


It is a very classic, head turner of a car.

And heavy!

The pretty thing weighs in at 4,700 lbs.!

(We’re talkin’ fuel economy!)

They sure don’t make ‘em like they used to, huh?!

Take a look. . .






A fun new toy for two fun “cool cats”. . . Grandpa and Grandma!

 And you thought this “cool cat” post would be about our new addition, Lucy? I’d snap a photo . . . but Lucy’s too busy bouncing off the walls, scaling my new bedroom drapes, eating birthday cake off the counter, and soaring heights which even make daddy drop his jaw!  Yet she’s docile enough to let Little A pick her up and carry her around.  “No, no, no. . . not by the TAIL Little A. . . you must be gentle with kitty!!” Oh yeah. . . we’re havin’ fun ‘round here.

Happy Monday!



  1. Craig here as Tina stepped out...I could sure have some fun signed in as my wife...Anyway, your hubby's parents are amazing! I hoped they looked under the seats for old money or love notes (remember that old Harley that was found with an Elvis love note and worth so much $$$$?).

  2. Brenna is soooooo jealous. Levi says his favorite color is pink too. What a beautiful car!!