Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday fanfare

First year for the statewide mentored hunting program. . .

First night for Mr. Z to sit in a tree stand. . . waiting for that deer.

The deer shied away this evening. . . hope prevails for the next time.


At this point, I think his affection is more for his bow than his cat.

But he did appease me with a camera pose with Miss Lucy.



On a health note. . .I was encouraged by a phone call from my brother-in-law who is a radiologist and who looked at my mammo films. . .he believes there is a very good chance that the “extra views” on Wednesday will show no need for concern or further treatment. . . ::exhale::

It is a blessing to have a doctor in the family.  We are thankful for Uncle Steve who always graciously and caringly goes out of his way to walk alongside during those times of medical concern and “tells it like it is” in language we can understand.

The beautiful fall fanfare of color has begun and is the backdrop for Friday backyard football before the predicted rain of the weekend descends.














Hope you had a happy Friday!




  1. Happy Birthday, Heather! Hope you had a happy one. I love to peek in at your blog every week to see what you all have been up to and see the beautiful photographs. Koby was able to hunt under the mentored-hunting law also...and got two Canada geese on Labor Day weekend. He was so cool about it...but very pumped. We don't get up north much any more, but sure miss it. Your blog creates a connection for us to the Northwoods. It also inspires me to create photo albums for my kids at shutterfly and snapfish. You're an inspiration! Carol van Deelen

  2. Now that I'm back on "dial-up" I have such a long wait to pull up your blog, but it's always worth the wait. I love the picture of the back yard football. They didn't even know you were taking it. I love the naturalness of it.