Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Love these picture books!

I’ve awakened. . .

Awakened after 12 years of intermittent pregnancy, exhaustion, nausea, labor, breast feeding, and sleepless nights. . . to possess a rekindled love for books. 

(As well as a realization that I’m pre-menopausal. . .  but that’s another story!)

I love to hear of books others have enjoyed.

Heidi over at Mt. Hope Chronicles has a wonderful ongoing list of literary recommendations.

My eldest is almost 12 and I know these books are a bit juvenile for him BUT even I loved reading these over and over.

The author is Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  Here are a few of her picture books that we thoroughly enjoyed. . .



akr3 akr6

akr4 akr5

Check them out!  Literally. . . at the library.  You and your little ones (& big ones) will love ‘em!

And that soon to be 12 year old?  He said, “They’re totally reversed. . . read and find out.” (He’s referring to Little Oink, Little Pea & Little Hoot)

Anyway. . . Z-man has his mind on more exciting, upcoming events in his life.  He’ll be 12 in November which means he can bow hunt for the first time this year!  A tree stand was even set up in the backyard and practice has begun. . . .


Beautiful fall days filled with reading, writing, arithmetic and shooting!  That’s our simply grand central life in the woods.

Happy Wednesday,




  1. Cool photos.......I l like your style and have put you on my blog list.

  2. Oh my, to see Z man in that tree stand. I can see his confident proud look even from a distance.

  3. Hey, we just had Little Pea! My littlest one loved to giggle each time we read it :-)

    And unfortunately (or would it be fortunately?) I understand about the premenopausal story.....I just hope we get to a happy ending somewhere in this one.....

    Enjoy the day, Heather! Rumor has it that the weather is considering changing BIG TIME in the days ahead.....

    Tammy ~@~

  4. Ohhh my ... that's Zach up in that tree!!! so glad for those safety lines!! Was there a birthday to speak up earlier this week??? Happy Day!