Tuesday, October 6, 2009

and the rains came down

a late night watching Monday Night Football


    a dreary, rainy, windy, cold day


a sleepy eyed, occasionally impatient, slightly unfocused family.


The boys convinced me to let them have fun and play in the rain.

My fun was taking pictures while staying dry under the eave.


I sure hope the beautiful leaves stay put during this wet week.


These rainy days are perfect for seizing productive moments inside.

Unless of course the rainy day comes after a Monday Night Football game when the Packers played the Vikings and the bedside lamp dimmed well after midnight. . . (Yawwwwn). . .

Now this would be a perfect day to begin my walking program.  Have you heard of “Walk at Home” with Leslie Sansone?


I’ve enjoyed her videos in years past.  She has since come out with many new DVD’s.  I ordered a few on Amazon last week. 

So today was the day to check it out. . . 

I opened the packaging, put the DVD into the player, and proceeded  to . . .

watch Leslie walk her little tail off! 

Yes, today is the perfect day to WATCH your favorite fitness video. . . . (Yawwwn). . .

Happy Tuesday. . . Good Night, Sleep Tight,



  1. LOL! Go, Heather!


    Tammy ~@~

  2. LOLOLOL!!! OH man! That's too funny! I actually like watching fitness videos/dvds too...especially with a pack of Oreos!! :-p ~ ~

    Great pix of your boys, too!! I was telling Mom...since my favorite local amateur photographer is moving overseas, I'm going to have to contact my favorite out of town amateur photographer when I need family pictures from now on!! Your work is wonderful! :)

    Good night!

  3. Oh Heather you are tooo funny!!
    My kids wanted to go out in the rain too. I didn't. Your pics are awesome :)

  4. 8 pounds! Wow, that's impressive. It's nice to hear from someone who's made it through. Thanks for popping in and saying hi, you have a beautiful family.