Friday, November 27, 2009

Are ya ready for some football?

After accusations of being “no fun” parents while

we worked in the office most of the day,

I encouraged Mr. E to log off the computer and

join the boys for some backyard football.

This ranks at the top of their “favorite thing to do” list.

Football with daddy. . .



And guess who decided to come join the fun?

She put on her own dress shoes and toddled outside all by herself!


She’s quiet, but she misses nothing!

We had a wonderful, relaxing, delicious, family Thanksgiving.

The $10-$15 gift exchanged was simple and fun.

All the wrapped gifts were placed in the middle.

We all drew numbers.

We started with #1 who chose a gift from the pile and opened it.

#2 was able to decide if he wanted #1’s gift or choose one from the pile to unwrap.

There were many good laughs and everyone was a good sport.

Here’s the fun family photo. . .



And these three dudes with attitudes were very excited!

They each ended up with Gander Mountain fleece lined hats which they L.O.V.E..


I’d recommend this gift exchange idea to anyone looking to simplify the holiday gift giving process.

Onward we go into the busy holiday season while trying to remember just why we are celebrating and just how to keep it simple.

Happy Black Friday,


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