Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Tour of Homes

When you have a few minutes to yourself. . .

and would like to browse Christmas decorations. . .

Go HERE!  It’s so fun to look at how others decorate their homes for Christmas.


Here are a few holiday “splash of red” pictures and crèche scenes around our home:

xmascollage2  xmascollage1

Too much clutter to show the wide angle view!

After a week of the kids battling colds and mom recovering from minor (though tiring) outpatient

surgery yesterday, things around here are a bit discombobulated.

I have begun the fun of sending Christmas cards today.

And it sure is a thrill to receive mail this time of year. . .to look at the family pictures and read all about the year from special family and friends.

Onward we go in this merry Christmastime.

Happy Saturday before Christmas,



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