Friday, December 18, 2009

Did you know?

We enjoy referring to the following devotional every now and then.


I’ll give you a sample from today since I found it interesting. . .

What does the X in “Xmas” stand for"?

Around Christmastime, you have probably noticed signs that say “Xmas” instead of Christmas.  Maybe you thought that in our hustle-bustle world, people write the word that way to make it shorter and faster to read and write.  Or maybe you thought that people were trying to leave Christ out of Christmas completely.  But neither of those reasons is truly why the X is used.  Actually, Christians themselves first started using the X long ago in Greece.  The Greek letter for the beginning of Christ’s name is chi, and the way to write chi is with an X.  The X is just an old way of using Christ’s initial.

So What?

The letter X is the symbol for Christ, who is the symbol of all beginnings.

The Bible says:

Before anything else existed, there was Christ, with God.  He has always been alive and is himself God.  He created everything there is – nothing exists that he didn’t make.  John 1:1-3, TLB

This devotional is full of interesting and sometime silly facts.

Each “Did You Know?” story is followed by a brief lesson and Bible verse. 

Now you know!J

Happy Friday. . . One week ‘til Xmas! (YIKES!)


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  1. this makes me HAPPY! I love it! You just can't leave Christ out of Christmas! Even on the Happy holidays - It is a Holy day! I try not to get disturbed about the language. People just need Jesus! & at one time I didn't know him either! Praying for a Christ filled Christmas for us and those who don't know him - yet!
    Thanks for sharing!