Tuesday, December 22, 2009

David and Juanita Sneak Peek

It was a great Tuesday!

It included a few of my favorite things. . . baking, cooking, entertaining, family, photo taking, photo editing.

I loved it!

Oh. . .except for the morning part of the day.

(Lest you think even a wonderful day is without exasperating moments around here.)

Like the part when we all went downstairs to clean the boys’ bedrooms and bathrooms.

It’s supposed to be a beautiful example of teamwork.

You know. . .we all hum Christmas carols and encourage one another while folding clothes, vacuuming and cleaning the toilet!

If only it were so.

Instead this exercise continually brings out the worst in me. . .

WHY don’t you pee IN the toilet???

This bedroom is not clean!

Every morning of your life you are expected to make your bed. Why is this so hard to remember??

LOOK at all this toothpaste in the sink!!

Now why don’t I remember to calmly enter into this weekly routine?

The training of children is so repetitive and my patience can easily run thin.

2Tim 4:2. . . “correct, rebuke and encourage-with great patience and careful instruction.”

Enough about that. . .  onto the LOVE IT part of my day.

I knew we had family visiting nearby including a cousin and his fiancé who had recently become engaged.

They were planning to stop by our home sometime today.

I was “hit” with the thought last night. . . I wonder if they would be willing to stand out in the cold and be my models as I practice engagements photos? 

I was thrilled to learn they were “game” and would actually appreciate photos of the two of them.

Whoo Hoo!  My wheels started spinnin’!

We braved the cold. . . or they did, I should say.

I haven’t edited all of the photos but here’s a peek at a few thus far. . .  dj15




The blanket my husband suggested turned out to be a winner.


And then our unanimous favorite. . .

Ahhhh. . . .young love.


It was fun.

I appreciated all of my helpers (you know who you are), their suggestions and keen eye to detail.

Now it’s time for bed. . . .my bum is numb from sitting but my face is smiling from creating pretty pictures to document a special time in the life of two people embarking upon a future of love together. . .forever.

Happy Tuesday before CHRISTmas,



  1. Oh, Heather, that was beautiful. They are beautiful.
    I loved your description of clean-up time. What Christmas carols did you end up singing? Maybe, "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer".

  2. Ahh, young love!!!! Beautiful couple and pictures.
    & unfortunately, the verse you highlighted is one I like too! Or rather "need"! : )
    Merry Christmas,

  3. What a beautiful couple. . beautiful pictures!!
    AND I love your description of "clean up". Sounds all to familiar :)
    DON"T sing the Grandma song though!! Your Grandmas are too sweet :)