Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Unexpected blessings


However many blessings

we expect from God,

His infinite liberality

will always exceed

all our wishes and our thoughts.  John Calvin

After a Monday filled with challenges and discouragement,

Tuesday was a day of unexpected blessings.

God ordained moments which put a smile on my face.

1st was an unexpected visit from my husband at a basketball game the

boys were playing in.  It always warms my heart to unexpectedly see my

loved one during the day.

2nd was the comment made by my five year old while running errands in

the car. . .“Mom!  Did you notice the sky?  It’s beautiful!!”  It indeed was a

beautiful sunset and it was encouraging to have a little one point out the

beauty before us but often missed during our rushed moments.

3rd was crossing paths with a mom of 12 who I had never met before.  Our

conversation was so refreshing and just what I needed to hear at the time.

  • our children are each so unique and require different methods of education,
  • we aren’t raising robots but individuals,
  • as we enter these teen years. . .know they will want their own way, they will try to be breaking free, and this is normal.  Let the freedoms and independence come slowly, individually. . .there is no method or rule book which applies to all.  Walk with them down this path to independence and know they will often not agree with your guidelines but will appreciate them in the future.

May you take extra notice at the blessings God sends your way.

Happy Wednesday,


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