Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What to do about Santa?

When our eldest child was younger yet old enough to recognize Santa we wondered how to deal with the whole Santa issue during Christmastime.

We decided upon the simple truth and turned to books such as this. . .


and this. . .


St. Nicholas was a real person who was kind, generous and loved the Lord.

He was wealthy and gave his money away anonymously to those in need.

So on December 6, St. Nicholas’s birthday, we’ve joined in a tradition started by a friend of mine. . .

We put together a simple bag of gifts, stnickpredominately sweet treats J, and drive to a friend’s home.  The kids sneak to the door, ring the bell, and run to hide.  They then watch for the door to open and the surprise gift to be found.  The kids think it is great fun.  The moms collaborate and make sure to be home at the designated time.

This year we’ve also asked the kids to pray about who they should give $10 of their money to and bless. . . anonymously. 

We celebrate Jesus’ birthday on Christmas day, sing happy birthday to Jesus and enjoy a special happy birthday Jesus cake.   Each child receives three gifts just as the wise men brought three gifts to Jesus.

These traditions seem to explain the Santa Claus part of our culture, instill a spirit of giving, and celebrate Jesus. . . the reason for our CHRISTmas celebrations.

Happy Tuesday in December,


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