Friday, January 8, 2010

Simply Grand. . . Books!

The boys have enjoyed several books this week.

And since I'm always interested in hearing recommendations from others...I'll share ours with you.

The Creation Adventure Series by author, Paul Thomsen, has been a big hit around here.

I found them in our church library.  (It may have been the time I brought Little A into the library during the church service. . .She was becoming a bit disruptive in the sanctuary, deciding to "play" with the light switch!)

You can find them at Amazon too.


"An entire nation sat on the edge.  A would-be assassin's bullet had found the chest of Ronald Reagan, America's president.  Dr. Ben Aaron, the surgeon who, with only a moment's warning, was thrust into the most important operation of his life.  This book tells the story of these intense moments of reliance on the God whom Dr. Aaron loves and serves."


"Colonel Jim Irwin is caught in a deadly avalanche in the mountains of Turkey.  Injured and buried under rock and snow, his mind drifts through memories of thrilling journeys to the moon and spectacular flights in supersonic jets.  He ponders the remarkable handiwork of God ixhibited in the creation of the earth and moon, and is miraculously rescued by his team."


Two teams of scientists experience instances of God's grace in their difficult and dangerous search for Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat in Turkey.


Another recent favorite around here is Full Draw by Steve Chapman.

An October day in the woods turns deadly... for the hunter. Another great read for the outdoorsman or woman. This exciting and suspenseful story will keep you on the edge of your seat! A wonderful family read!

And then there is Poachers Caught! by Tom Chapin.

This collection of 35 stories defines Tom Chapin's 29 years as a game warden in northern Minnesota. It will interest anyone concerned about the protection of our natural resources-and everyone who likes a good story.

Z-man has been riveted by these stories.  Although, I was informed that there are a couple of "bad" words used.  I guess the poacher language can get a bit. . ahem. . ."flowery".

Well, my Christmas cards were mailed this morning and my 2010 calendar is now in place.

So I'm ready to start the new year. . . 8 days late! 

And the Christmas decorations?   They're comin' down tomorrow. 

I'm hoping to persuade everyone into a happy. . .

"Let's take down Christmas decorations together!" mood.

We'll see.

Happy Friday night!



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  1. those do look like good books, especially for boys. You are ahead of me in getting a calendar set up; I think I have the mind set that as soon as I do, it will get filled up and life...well you know...! haha! Oh well, it is coming, ready or not!
    & like always, I love your pictures!
    Enjoy your Saturday,