Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The view from here. . .

So I caught a winter bug last week.

By Sunday my bedside view was mostly this. . .


Although I did have the beautiful morning sunrise each day to view from the bedroom window.

We've had such unseasonably warm sunshiny weather this first week in March.


The children, you wonder?

Oh yes, my six children.

They pretty much ran wild while I tried to tune them out.

Just kidding.

Mostly. ::grin::

They did more of this than usual. . .


On the couch watching something educational I'm sure.

Yes, they do have knives in their hands.

Just cutting up their mangos, I promise.

But today dawned a new beginning.

Momma was even out of her pajamas, made salads for lunch, and tromped outside to capture the winter fun on this beautiful March day with temperatures reaching 40.


Yes, that's Little A without her coat or hat. 

I can assure you that she was not barefoot.

I guess this mom is not fully functioning quite yet.

But I'm close.  Real close.

Hope this month brings spring-like weather and good health your way.

Happy Wednesday,



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  1. WOW! You got to stay in bed, Heather?! I'm impressed :-) The weather has been fantastic which is probably good because you'll need to send those kids outside so you can catch up inside after all those educational DVDs LOL!

    Tammy ~@~