Thursday, April 29, 2010

pretty things

Pretty things around my home make me happy.

Yesterday God provided an opportunity for me to offer a "happy birthday!" to a friend and these pretty things made me smile.


I love the opportunity to get out my pretty tea cups.

My mom gave my sister and me a different matching cup and saucer, every Christmas, for 12 years in a row.

Another favorite pretty thing is in my bedroom.  I love to walk by and see my bed made with the pretty pillows on top.

I'm inspired to make my bed in the morning because this is what I look at during my quiet time before starting school. . .


The smaller pillow in the middle was my favorite find and an inspiration for the curtains which my mom kindly and painstakingly made for us last summer.

But there are a few practical items lying or hanging around the house.

Such as these. . .

One is in the family room,  


and one is even in the bedroom. . .


Can you guess? 

They are not streamers!

Can you say FLY TRAP?

Yes, if you stop for a visit watch your head or it may become permanently affixed to the hanging fly trap paper strategically placed throughout our home due to the unusual invasion of a vast amount of flies outside which find their way INside and have been driving. me. crazy.!

Spring around here has been welcomed with open arms but the flies. . . not so much!

Happy Thursday!


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  1. Oh how I love to look at my bed when it is made too!! I love that pillow :) and the streamers!