Friday, July 30, 2010

Face Painting

While the older boys were at camp recently, the rest of the cousin crew spent hours having fun with face painting!  I love this kit by Klutz.  You can check it out at

face paint 

The fun part for the kids is looking through the 50 pages and choosing which “face” they’d like.   The paint is water based and comes off the skin easily.  It’s a great gift idea for kids ages 6-10+.


The cousin crew left this afternoon.

We had a great visit and many memory making moments.

Not even strep throat kept this crew from having a good time!

Between all nine kids there is usually one needing medical attention during each visit . . . remembering the broken arm, ear infections, stomach flu and many a skinned knee.  (Thanks Cathy, for the extra box of band-aids!)

Now it’s back to reality and the thought of getting ready for a garage sale and organizing curriculum for the beginning of a new school year which is just around the corner.


Happy last day in July!


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